Tune-up & inspection - $75

This service will bring a good-condition bicycle to like-new mechanical condition, and includes all aspects of a Basic Check & Lube. In addition, both front and rear derailleurs will be properly aligned, have their limiting adjusters set, and shift cables brought to their proper operating tension. Brakes will be adjusted to their optimal operation, up to and including replacement of the pads or the brake itself in extreme cases, Wheels will be adjusted for lateral trueness, and all bearings (hubs, bottom bracket, headset) will be checked for play/overload and adjusted accordingly. This is a bi- or tri-ennial service for recreational riders whose bikes are starting to show wear and an annual service for avid riders. Charge does not cover the cost of replacement parts, repacking bearings, etc.

basic check & lube - $50

This service addresses the very basic needs of the bicycle. We will apply lube to the brake cables, shift cables, and chain, and adjust the shift cables to their proper operating tension. Brakes will be adjusted to their optimal operation and tires will be brought up to pressure. In the course of the service, all aspects of the bicycle will be inspected for wear, overuse, poor adjustment, damage, et. al. This is a bi-annual service for those who do no maintenance of their own, or a preventive service for the avid rider whose bike receives timely service.

tune-up & drivetrain clean - $100

This service includes all aspects of a Tune-Up and Inspection. In addition, the front derailleur, rear derailleur, crankset, chain, and cassette/freewheel will be removed for cleaning and inspection. This is a bi-or tri-ennial service for avid riders that clean and lube their drivetrain properly but have experienced the inevitable amount of grime buildup that thousands of miles of use will cause. It is an annual service for those whose riding or maintenance habits result in grimy and contaminated drivetrains that are a cause of premature component wear.


overhaul - $175.00

This is a comprehensive service that will bring any serviceable bicycle, in any condition, back to new or better-than-new mechanical condition. The frame is stripped of all its component parts, which are then cleaned and inspected. The frame and fork will be inspected for damage then cleaned and polished. Cartridge bearings will be checked for wear, then flushed and re-packed when applicable. Cup-and-cone bearing systems will be broken down, cleaned, and repacked using waterproof grease and new Grade 5 bearings. Re-installation of brake and shifting components will be done using new stainless steel cables and high-quality, compressionless housing (hydraulic disc brakes will be bled.) Grease or friction paste will be applied to seatposts, seat rails, faceplates, etc. where applicable. Wheels will be trued both laterally and radially. Every component will be adjusted as per a Tune-Up. This is most often done as a bi- or tri-ennial service for avid riders who want to keep their machines in top operating condition, or for neglected bicycles that need to be made rideable again. The service charge covers the cost of all conceivable labor and specialty tool use, as well as the cost of cables, housing, and brake fluid. It does not cover the cost of replacement parts, handlebar tape, etc.